Are You Intelligent? Scientists Say No.

It is an assumption that we all make. We believe we have some degree of intelligence. We might conclude that others are more or less intelligent, but we believe we have some degree of the stuff.

What is intelligence? Some think of intelligence as information, like military intelligence. We go to school, read, listen and acquire information. That can be said to be gaining intelligence.

However, that isn't what I'm thinking about here. I'm thinking about the ability to adapt to new and trying situations. Some say the ability to reason and think. Do you have an ability to reason, think and then choose an action? If you are like me, your answer is "of course."

Imagine my surprise to learn that the scientific explanation of life is that we do not have that ability. It takes a while to explain the entire premise, but basically based on atheistic evolution, we evolved to have a brain and the mind is a creation of the brain. The mind cannot then turn around and control the brain that created it. According to science, your brain is the way it is because of your genetics PLUS your experiences. I like to think of it like a computer that adds programs and data every day. The problem is that according to science, your body/computer doesn't have an operator. Nobody is sitting at the keyboard or watching a screen.

In contrast, I believe that there is a realm of intelligence. The creation of the universe started from that intelligent realm. We can reason, think, and have free will because part of us is intelligent. That intelligent part of us seems to use the brain and nervous system to monitor and control body functions to keep us healthy.

Are you intelligent? I say yes. Some part of you is intelligent. I work with your nervous system so that part of you can restore your health. Some people say that is an unscientific approach. Now you know why. They don't think you are intelligent.

Mental Attitude

How we approach life has a lot to do with how we feel. Many people live in fear that every symptom is a potential life threatening condition. Indeed, our commercials train us to think that way. In fact, the healthcare system often must look for the most serious possibility, no matter how remote the possibility, in order to be practicing defensive medicine.

Having faith in your natural ability to be healthy, helps you maintain a positive mental attitude and that in turn helps you take your focus off the symptom. I'm not saying that the symptom goes away but the distress can be reduced.

Some come patients come in with obvious pain, yet they smile and tell a joke, they are enjoying life in spite of the pain. Others come in with a sour look and talk about how bad they hurt, yet, the symptoms are not limiting their behavior in any observable way.

I believe a change in attitude is a sign that a patient is becoming healthier. It doesn't mean one has to be unrealistic or ignore pain. It is just a matter of how it is dealt with.

Enjoying Downtown Bellingham

I haven't posted anything in the blog for a while. We moved the office downtown in July. We are really enjoying the activities and energy of being in downtown Bellingham.

A view of the bay is just a few blocks from the office. There are many wonderful restaurants - more on those in another post. Post office is right next door. It is just a very convenient location.

Children and Chiropractic

I tend to see patients like me. When I had little kids, little kids were more a part of my practice. Now that I'm a senior, may practice is mostly seniors. However, little kids are showing up around my house again, so I thought a brush up with a pediatrics seminar was appropriate.

Last weekend, Mandy and I traveled to Moses Lake and I attended a seminar on the effects of chiropractic on pregnancy and little kids. I'm reminded of some of the amazing things I've seen with children. One two year old was put on constant antibiotics as prophylactic for his ear infections. After one adjustment, his ear quit hurting. A few adjustments and he no longer had infections.

A five year old still was not potty trained. A couple of adjustments and a couple of weeks and he felt the urge to go to the bathroom for the first time in his life.

I've also seen bed-wetters improve. Children who were grumpy often would improve - probably because they felt better. Children often get headaches and respond like adults.

I especially enjoy seeing children whose eyes are dull become bright and sparkly.

Of course the best care, in my opinion, is regular checkups to make sure children are subluxation free rather than waiting for problems to develop.

Corpses Don't Sunburn

I keep a copy of Improving the Odds in my reception area. A patient picked it up while waiting yesterday and saw my comment that corpses don't sunburn. He hadn't thought about it.
Ever wonder how forensic scientists determine whether a person died before or after a fire? If they were alive during the fire, the skin will show the characteristic signs of burning, such as turning red and developing blisters. If not it burns like a stick.
Corpses don't bleed either, contrary to a television show I saw last night. Once dead there is no blood pressure to force the blood through a wound.
All of that was said just to demonstrate the signs of life. When your spirit is home, your body is constantly changing and adapting to maintain life. Once gone, the body becomes just like other lifeless objects.
So is adaptation due to the spirit? That is my supposition. If so, how does the spirit control the body? How does the spirit know what to change and when?
The nervous system seems to be key. That is why I spend my time with patients checking their nervous systems. The spirit seems to use the brain and nervous system to monitor and direct body function. A properly functioning nervous system allows the body to best respond to the spirit - health is the result.
That is why I say I am a health specialist and not a disease specialist.

The Struggle

As we play the game of life, the struggle is always there. Failure is easy. Even with effort, failure is common.
We watched The Dust Bowl and saw how farmers in the southern plains states struggled to farm and met with defeat for nearly a decade. Some moved on to California or other areas after being financially wiped out and physically exhausted.
Nobody succeeded by doing nothing.
We also saw how frequently individuals banded together to help each other. From fighting jack rabbits, to grasshoppers, to blowing dust, success came by organization of people committed to solving the problem. People with ideas guided the labor to obtain the end result.
First it was necessary to understand the problem. The drought was the major problem. However, the blowing dust was made worse by the farming processes of the time. Water was not conserved. Plants failed to grow and hold the soil in place. Terracing the soil helped conserve water and allow plants to grow. Wheat needed more water than native grass. Farmers were paid not to plant wheat and allow the native grass to return. First was understanding the problem. Second was finding a solution. Last was implementing the solution.
That process is universal. We see it with health.
The health process begins with intelligence. In order to obtain the desired end result, the first requirement is data. The problem must be understood. The data (sensations) comes to the brain via nerves. The intelligence of life, Innate Intelligence, processes the data to arrive at a solution. The solution is then carried out via nerves to organs and muscles, directing and coordinating their function.
Most of the process is below our consciousness. I frequently see evidence on x-ray where Innate Intelligence has deposited calcium in ligaments to stabilize a joint that has been misaligned for years. We call it arthritis and blame arthritis for the pain. However, often patients respond to adjustment and find they have less pain even though the arthritis is still there. The problem was not the arthritic spurs, could it have been the misalignment caused a problem with the nerves? That is my premise.
Could the same problem with nerves cause other problems and result in dysfunction called disease? Research is showing that to be true. Or, if not causing the disease, the misaligned spine can mimic disease and result in errors of diagnosis and treatment.
I think it can be said that we usually take our health for granted. We assume that our Innate Intelligence will do the job of adaptation and alert our consciousness when a change in behavior is necessary. However, when the nervous system is not working properly, the dysfunction can become severe and like the dust storms, require more struggle than would otherwise have been necessary.